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Continuity of Learning

Resources for K-12 Education Agencies

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As the possibility of quarantines and school closures increase in response to COVID-19, it is important for every agency to have a Continuity of Learning Plan in place, whether it leverages the use of technology to provide independent study or distance learning, or simply involves sending copies of paper assignments home to students. 

NOTE: A Distance Learning Strategy should be approached with caution.  If it is applied to an environment where stakeholders are not already pre-conditioned for it, it can cause more harm than good in the short term.  Agencies should take into account the below pre-conditions when considering whether to provide instruction through independent study or distance learning.

Pre-conditions that should be in place as a baseline for distance learning success: 

  • One-to-One take home programs already in place and successful
  • An online Learning Management System (LMS) in place, with students already enrolled and set up.
  • Teachers trained to use the LMS, and can manage a cohort of students in the system independently.
  • Teachers are trained or certified for the blended learning environment.
  • Equity issues are considered: Access to internet and mobile devices for all students is a concern.  Students without home internet access cannot go to public spaces (where infections illness exposure risk might be increased) just to complete their assignments


Continuity of Teaching Learning Plan Samples  



Supporting Continuity of Teaching and Learning During an Emergency
(Best Practices and Protocols – excellent resource)

Sample Continuity of Learning Plan
(Provided by the Santa Cruz COE)

Connected Molecule

Synchronous Webinar Tools

Recommended: Zoom

Alternative Options

Asynchronous Learner

Asynchronous Learning Tools

Learning Management Systems

Google Classroom: (Recommended for grades Levels 3-12)
Google Classroom can also act as a communication tools with parents. The younger the student the more likely parent support will be needed to leverage an asynchronous online learning tool like Google Classroom.

Scout: University of California A-G Courses (Recommended for High School)

Canvas: Option for self-developed courses. There is a free option for individual teachers. (Recommended for grades 6-12). Not recommended for beginners to distance learning.