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Stephanie GrayLauren Zerkovich  Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator      530.668.3007

Head Start Nutrition Services

Adequate nutrition and hydration play a significant role in the ability of preschool children to learn, to be able to enter school ready to learn, and their ultimate overall school success. Consumption of a variety of nutritious foods promotes healthy growth, brain development, resistance to disease, and emotional stability of the young children in our care as well as providing the energy necessary to learn and play.

Nutrition guidelines of our federally funded infant and child feeding program require the use of products that are rich in whole grains, That are low in added fats, sugar, and sodium, and are served in appropriate portion sizes for the age of the child. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines regarding juice consumption is used in menu planning for the children in our care. Children and staff participate in family-style dining as part of our federally funded meal program. Family-style dining provides children with the opportunity to enjoy meals together, try new foods, and learn appropriate portion sizes. The family-style dining experience allows staff to model appropriate eating behaviors and to provide nutrition education learning opportunities for the children.